An overview of the Ethereum pen

Ancora is a luxury fountain pen crafter of Italy that focuses on class and elegance. They always prefer quality over quantity and it has helped them to come up with some of the most well-crafted and beautiful pens ever. The company is known for selling the first-ever Initial Pen Offering (IPO) in the world, Bitcoin Pens. Ethereum Pen is going to be the second IPO launch of the company. 

Like Bitcoin Pens, Ancora will be offering just 888 rollerball Ethereum Pens and the fountain variety of the Ethereum Pen will be 88. There will be a personal production number carved on the bottom of the pen, which is authentically verified. So the Ethereum Pens will have a limited supply for the time being. 

There will be a skilled artisan penmaker to specially design and handcraft each pen, which adds to the quality of these pens. Having an Ethereum Pen is considered to be an indication of style and class. Ancora follows the format of the traditional ICO offering to sell their crypto pens. 

The pre-production stage of the Ethereum pen has already ended. Customers who purchased Ethereum Pens at this stage got a 25% discount from its production stage and also a 50% discount from the total retail price. Several discounts are provided in the production stage also. A discount of 40% was provided from the retail price. 

Some Ethereum Pens produced by Ancora are very rare as the production numbers carved at their bottom are gold, silver, and platinum. The pens in the gold, silver, and platinum series are offered a customizable leather pen case. 

Along with Ethereum and Bitcoin pens, Ancora also has a Telegram channel that allows users to vote and choose a cryptocurrency that they wish to be immortalized in the form of pens. In the last voting, Ethereum won, followed by others like Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, etc. 

Users can purchase bitcoin and Ethereum pens using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. To find profits from cryptocurrencies, crypto trading can be tried. However, traders must use reliable trading platforms for trading. Check the Beste Trading Plattformen to find the best trading platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. Fiat currencies can also be used to buy these pens. But the pens in the gold, silver, and platinum series can be purchased only with digital currencies. 

It was during December 2017, that Ancora held the pre-production stage of their Bitcoin Pens. The initial offering was a 60% discount on these pens. By the start of June, Bitcoin Pens were launched in the retail market. The price of Bitcoin pens with rollerballs was $2,250 and it was $2,500 for the fountain pens. The gold, silver, and platinum series were available in the Bitcoin pens too, which were on the expensive side. 

Ancora is trying to bring a modern trend in the field of pen manufacturing. The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum pens of Ancora may encourage other manufacturers too to incorporate modern digital assets into their products. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies can be considered a driving force that will force more industries and manufacturers to come up with creative ideas that will promote the use of these digital currencies.